Christmas Portrait Offer

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Looking for something special to give this christmas?

I have 20 of these beauties available.

xmas offer

Each voucher costs £150 and includes the following:

  • A portrait session with me, in my studio or on location (worth £125)
  • An online gallery to view your images
  • Your favourite image printed and framed for the wall (worth £225).

Total value is £350, saving £200! 



I run this offer every year and they sell out very quickly. If you are interested, may I suggest you get in touch sooner rather than later. You can email me directly here

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Festive Offer

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Its that time of year again when I get rediculously excited and take my kids off for their annual Christmas photo-shoot.

I use the images to create books to give as gifts to all the grandparents. And on christmas day, without fail, they turn each page and I watch as their tears roll into their smiles. They love these books so much.

Family photographs are so important to me and my family.

When was the last time you had a family photograph? For most, its always on the to-do list. “We must get round to it”. But the truth is, for most, its not a priority and it tends to move down the list and the kids grow up.

In my family, its a necessity. I spend most of my time behind the camera and work hard to build a beautiful collection of images that my family will treasure. I’m sure, when I’m old and losing my marbles, I will love looking back at these memories, being reminded of moments I know I’ll forget. Its the little things you see, the cheeky grin on my child’s face, the size of their hand when holding mine. Having these images will, over time be priceless to me. I know that.

So here it is. My festive offer to you. If you are yet to have a family portrait, Let me photograph your family, let me also produce a beautifully framed wall print for you to hang on your wall.

And tell me in years to come how glad you are you did it.

xmas offer2

New York, New York

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I finally made it!

I’m currently in New York City this week.  For those that have been following my personal profile on Facebook; you’ll be enjoying the images I’ve been taking around Manhattan (St. Marks Place being my favourite so far).

The purpose of this trip was to spend some time with one of my favourite photographers, the amazing Lois Greenfield, a very well known Dance photographer.

I first came across her work when I was at university (1996-99), I pulled her book ‘Breaking Bounds’ off the shelf in the library and spent hours pouring over the images. I simply adored the way she captured movement.

Lois’ work made me realise that you can push ideas beyond what what you think is acceptable. I’ve never considered my work to be average, normal or typical. I’ve always wanted to push myself beyond what people expect. In my eyes; to succeed is to exceed expectation.

As the majority of my work these days revolves around weddings, portrait & commercial projects. I have been quietly developing my professional practice, concentrating on ideas that fuel my interest in photography.

Having photographed many dancers over the years I wanted to spent time in Lois’ New York studio and observe. I wanted to see how she works, how she collaborates with the dancers, constructs, develops and pushes ideas.

What I didn’t expect was to be given the opporuntiy to work alongside her constructing my own ideas with her help & assistance, along with her staff; the amazing Jack, The talented Kris and the many interns she has working in her studio.

Below, is a shot I took during my time with Lois in her New York Studio. I love it.

I’ve learnt to slow the process down when shooting dancers. I’ve always let the process set its own pace rather that keep control, I guess in a way, I’ve been chasing movement, keeping up with the dancers and anticipating their next move rather than breaking that process down and concentrating on specifics.

I’ve taken on board Lois’ method of working, her attention to detail and can see how that can help my own professional practice, particularly when shooting in urban areas of cities rather than in a studio.

Having never been the kind of photographer that wants my work to be like someone else’s,  Lois’ images have defined her career and I’m still trying to define mine.  I have a long way to go before I’m happy to be defined. When learning your craft, and perfecting your art, you never want to peak too early. The constant learning, the tweaking here and there is what keeps my interest and pushes my own boundaries.

Thank you Lois for a fabulous weekend!

I can’t wait to get back home, see my family! and continue developing these ideas.



One of my shots taken at Lois Greenfield’s workshop NYC, 2012.

Lisa Hood


I’d like to introduce you all to an incredible Contemporary Dancer, Lisa Hood who’s based in London.

I find the whole process of working with a professional Dancer brilliant. Don’t get me wrong; I do love my weddings but there is something very different about collaborating with a individual from another creative industry.

I’ve never been a dancer or had any desire to be. I am however, facinated with them. I find it incredible how they use their bodies to tell stories and provoke ideas & thoughts while all the time, remaining silent. It probably explains my interest in silent movies too.

When I shoot dancers on location, I often work alone with them.  I just prefer it that way.

Before this shoot, I spent sometime searching for interesting locations. I love the idea of placing a dancer in run down, urban areas. Its not to pass comment on anything in particular other than I find it familiar. I grew up in Coventry and now live in Newport.  The locations chosen for this shoot (if you like) bridge the gap between my facination with dancers & the reality of my life. We all pass by scenes like these constantly but rarely stop to actually look. Its not until you do pull the car over, get out and have a wonder that you start to see more than your initial thoughts told you; you would.

I find it all very inspiring and love letting these ideas evolve.

We decided to use an incredible make up artist on this shoot too;  A lovely lady called Anghared Medi Gibbs who is based in Cardiff. Her work was flawless and we were both so so impressed (if any of my brides are reading this…She uses MAC products & does bridal make up too!). When you look at the last few images you’ll see the detail in her work, its amazing!


Hello 2012…

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… you certainly came around very quick. A bit too quick for my liking but what a year 2011 was!

In short; approx 40 Weddings, 30 E-shoots, 20 family sessions, commercial work, events and lots of wedding fayres later…and I’m still managing to do it all in 3 days a week plus weekends. Its no wonder I was feeling totally burnt out come Christmas Eve. Any regrets? I guess there is never enough time in the world to give to your kids, I have regretted the VERY  long nights editing alone in my studio (sometimes greeting the sun) when I should have been at home tucked up in bed. But we live & learn.

As I try to grasp the perfect work/life balance this year; I realise running my own business, raising my 2 kids, being a supportive wife, trying to keep my home tidy & cook a proper sunday lunch EVERY sunday…is all VERY hard work and I’m not Wonder Woman (no matter how much I try and convince myself).

But like a fine wine, I get better with age and continue to learn that I can’t do everything. As my business continues to grow I have a big announcement to make soon which I’m most excited about. (and no…I’m not pregnant!)

Looking back, I’m so proud of what I accomplished in 2011.  Professionally, it was my best year to date, the highlight was winning Best Wedding Photographer for East Wales at the National Welsh Wedding Awards. I was so thrilled that so many people voted for me. Thank you xxx

My style of work is continually evolving and I love the direction its going. I’ve never been a follower of mainstream trends in photography and never considered myself to be an odd ball. I’m finding my own creative road and loving it. But what excites me most is that there is so much more to come from me this year. My ideas are growing and I’m finding ways of making things happen.

I had no real direction for this post other than wanting to share some of my thoughts on last year. I never look back on any year and think “thank god that’s over” I always pull out the positives. 2011 definitely belonged to my amazing clients & their fabulous weddings.  I will be eternally grateful for them investing in me and letting me create some great work for them that I know they all love and value so much.

So, before I ramble on again. I want to share some images from 2011 that I’m yet to feature fully. Because of my crazy work schedule; my blog has been neglected but I’m going to try and update it a lot more. I’ve so many great weddings, E-shoots etc… to share with you all.  Here is a little snippet of whats to come.

Enjoy x

oh…before I forget; I am slightly addicted to Facebook, you are all very welcome to stalk me over there if you like. I have a business page, “Maria Farrelly Photography” as well as a personal profile. I document a lot of my daily life on there and upload a lot of images. So feel free to pop in a friend request, especially if you are considering commissioning me for your wedding. Its a great way for you to get to know me a bit more.

Its that time of year again


The nights are drawing in, the wooly jumpers are out and the supermarkets are bombarding us with signs of Christmas! The scarey thought is it’s only 8 weeks away! And, if like me you have children, you’re already getting subtle (or obvious) indications as to what they want the lovely Father Christmas to bring them. As a child, I used to sit there with the Argos catalog and circle everything I wanted. Every year I’d put a double ring and an asterix around Mr.Frosty but it never arrived 😦

Over the past few weeks I’ve been shooting a lot of past clients.  All coming back to me year on year for (ultimately) creating their Christmas presents (I feel very special at this time of year, kind of a “Mrs Christmas”). In all honesty, I can’t think of anything more personal to give grandparents, spouses and other family members on the big day.

Its at this time of year I take my 2 boys away for an afternoon shoot. We call it “The Book Shoot“. We spend a few hours at a location (the kids choose), if its a woodland we end up rolling around the leaves, playing Tig, all dressed in woolly jumpers and laughing our heads off. If its the beach, we wrap up really warm and get blown away! All the while I’m capturing it. I then create a book, one for each of the grandparents and one for us to keep. My family look forward to it every year and every year without fail, they’re in tears! they love it.

I can never instill the value of my work to anyone. You either “get it” or you don’t. I take no offense if you don’t but I so love the people that do. It really does make me smile knowing that in years to come these images help keep their memories alive.

I want to share a few images taken on a recent shoot. I’d like to introduce Ava-Grace and her big sister Savannah. I photographed Savannah over 2 years ago when she was a newborn. So, you can imagine how excited I was when her her mum called me with the news she was expecting Ava-Grace and wanted me to photograph her first few days of life.


Beautiful Molly


I photographed Molly at her home in Cardiff just before Christmas.

She was such a pleasant, quiet little girl and like most children, was a little unsure of me when I arrived for the shoot.

I opened up my camera bag and sat on the floor with her. I pulled out all my kit and let her hold my camera. She took a few shots, she loved them. We were soon friends!

Its really important to me, as a mother & photographer when photographing other peoples children that the child is comfortable with me. If not, we stop, give them time, never rush them.

In my experience, the only way to get honest natural images of someone else’s child is when that child lets you. Only then do you begin to see their character and only then can you capture that.

For me, the shots I love most here is when Molly is gazing almost in a daydream. I love daydreaming! As an adult its something I still do a lot. Its moments like this I find magical.

Enjoy x

My Favourate shoot of 2010

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I wanted to share with you a very special shoot I did before Christmas. I’d like to introduce you to two very special boys. My boys; Joshua & Joseph.

2010 was such a busy year for me and 2011 is already proving a defining one.  It’s these two monkeys and my husband that have kept me grounded, made me laugh and  continue to teach me all I need to know about every type of dinosaur that has ever existed. I love that.

I spend so much time working with children, trying to reveal their personalities, finding that “something” that makes them who they are. Its not always found in a smile but in a look, an expression or a gaze. Trying to capture that in my own children is very hard.  They always see me with a camera and when its the camera that keeps me away from them (i.e work) they sometimes don’t like it.

In my previous post, I talked about the value of photographs. The photographs your about to see make me smile so much and realize just how lucky I am. It also reminds me how quickly time passes and how my little babies are now turning into little men.

Enjoy x



Today was mostly spent archiving work and editing. While doing so, I came across the following piece of work and I really wanted to share it with you.

I was first introduced to Dance photography at Univercity. Lois Greenfields book, “Breaking Bounds” was a huge inspiration to me in photography. I loved how she captured movement. This passion for dance continued into my assisting years as I worked with a local advertising Photographer, the late Dave Lee. We worked closely with the dance group, Diversions (now known as the National Dance Company Wales). We’d shoot most of their promotional material. I found the whole process of working with dancers so incredible. It amazed me how they could throw themselves into the air, create amazing shapes and seem to loose themselves in the piece.

It wasn’t until nearly 8yrs later I had the opportunity to rekindle my love for this but with FFIN DANCE.

Enjoy x