Hello 2012…

Portraits, Weddings

… you certainly came around very quick. A bit too quick for my liking but what a year 2011 was!

In short; approx 40 Weddings, 30 E-shoots, 20 family sessions, commercial work, events and lots of wedding fayres later…and I’m still managing to do it all in 3 days a week plus weekends. Its no wonder I was feeling totally burnt out come Christmas Eve. Any regrets? I guess there is never enough time in the world to give to your kids, I have regretted the VERY  long nights editing alone in my studio (sometimes greeting the sun) when I should have been at home tucked up in bed. But we live & learn.

As I try to grasp the perfect work/life balance this year; I realise running my own business, raising my 2 kids, being a supportive wife, trying to keep my home tidy & cook a proper sunday lunch EVERY sunday…is all VERY hard work and I’m not Wonder Woman (no matter how much I try and convince myself).

But like a fine wine, I get better with age and continue to learn that I can’t do everything. As my business continues to grow I have a big announcement to make soon which I’m most excited about. (and no…I’m not pregnant!)

Looking back, I’m so proud of what I accomplished in 2011.  Professionally, it was my best year to date, the highlight was winning Best Wedding Photographer for East Wales at the National Welsh Wedding Awards. I was so thrilled that so many people voted for me. Thank you xxx

My style of work is continually evolving and I love the direction its going. I’ve never been a follower of mainstream trends in photography and never considered myself to be an odd ball. I’m finding my own creative road and loving it. But what excites me most is that there is so much more to come from me this year. My ideas are growing and I’m finding ways of making things happen.

I had no real direction for this post other than wanting to share some of my thoughts on last year. I never look back on any year and think “thank god that’s over” I always pull out the positives. 2011 definitely belonged to my amazing clients & their fabulous weddings.  I will be eternally grateful for them investing in me and letting me create some great work for them that I know they all love and value so much.

So, before I ramble on again. I want to share some images from 2011 that I’m yet to feature fully. Because of my crazy work schedule; my blog has been neglected but I’m going to try and update it a lot more. I’ve so many great weddings, E-shoots etc… to share with you all.  Here is a little snippet of whats to come.

Enjoy x

oh…before I forget; I am slightly addicted to Facebook, you are all very welcome to stalk me over there if you like. I have a business page, “Maria Farrelly Photography” as well as a personal profile. I document a lot of my daily life on there and upload a lot of images. So feel free to pop in a friend request, especially if you are considering commissioning me for your wedding. Its a great way for you to get to know me a bit more.