Karen, Adam & the beautiful Suki

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This photo-shoot was a combination of things for Karen & Adam.  It was their pre-wedding shoot, their first professional family portrait plus it was their daughter Suki’s first trip to the sea-side! How cool is that!

Enjoy x

My Favourate shoot of 2010

Personal, Portraits

I wanted to share with you a very special shoot I did before Christmas. I’d like to introduce you to two very special boys. My boys; Joshua & Joseph.

2010 was such a busy year for me and 2011 is already proving a defining one.  It’s these two monkeys and my husband that have kept me grounded, made me laugh and  continue to teach me all I need to know about every type of dinosaur that has ever existed. I love that.

I spend so much time working with children, trying to reveal their personalities, finding that “something” that makes them who they are. Its not always found in a smile but in a look, an expression or a gaze. Trying to capture that in my own children is very hard.  They always see me with a camera and when its the camera that keeps me away from them (i.e work) they sometimes don’t like it.

In my previous post, I talked about the value of photographs. The photographs your about to see make me smile so much and realize just how lucky I am. It also reminds me how quickly time passes and how my little babies are now turning into little men.

Enjoy x