Personal Work


It’s proving the majority of my work these days is revolving around the wedding industry. I don’t dislike that. In fact I love that people invite me into what is inevitably one of the most significant days of their lives and they want me to document it. How could you not enjoy that experience?

However, I’ve never considered myself a wedding photographer. I hate the whole idea of being pigeon holed. So what do I consider myself? Well, I’m not going to be pretentious and label myself an artist although I when I was 18 I did like the idea of finishing university and graduating with my photographic art degree (which i did). However, after uni I assisted a “proper” photographer who it soon taught me more in a year than my 3 years at uni ever could and that a label’s means nothing.

So, what is the point of this particular post?


People interest me. babies, children, adults, tall, short, thin, fat, beautiful and the not-so. My passion lies in photographing them, one on one. letting them be themselves, with minimal direction its a collaboration that in itself is the most exciting part of the creative process. I never know what the end result is going to be like. I guess you can relate it to almost like a first date ha ha…in that you’ve got no idea what is going to happen, if your going to get along, if your going to want to make an excuse to go to the loo then make a dash for the exit or cut the shoot short.

Whatever way you look at it its a meeting between 2 people that (most probably) haven’t met before and the results speak for themselves.

I never concern myself with what others may think of my work. What concerns me is that my client, my subject sees themselves. sees something that ok, isn’t obviously just visually them but sees a part of them they may sometimes hide, a part of their personality that is not always on show. I’ve found these things are not always found in a pose, a smile but more a glance, a moment of thought, a gesture, even a laugh. Its strange. I can’t always put my finger on it. But my clients love it and so do I which is all that matters.

So when I decide to start a personal project on people it becomes obvious that the end result will be nothing to my initial concept.

I want to share with you a few images from such a project. Eran, Annabeth & Harriet are all professional dancers and each spent time with me recently. My only clear vision was the locations for the shoot. I wanted to use my studio, and some gritty urban locations nearby. Places I see and pass-by everyday. The rest was a blank canvas for them. I allowed them to have as much involvement as they wished. They brought whatever they wanted to wear, they danced whatever they felt like dancing.

Take a look. Its very much a work in progress: